How Our Knoxville Printing Services Can Help Your Company Show Off Its Holiday Spirit

Holiday greeting from Knoxville printing services companyThe holiday season is quickly approaching, as well as an incredible marketing opportunity for all business owners. If you own a restaurant, store, company, or are a service provider, we have the Knoxville printing services that can help you boost your holiday sales!

Here are some ideas for you to consider on how to create a holiday promotion campaign:

Direct Mail

Christmas card from Knoxville printing services companyOne of the most effective ways to maximize the traffic driven to websites and stores to bolster sales is targeting shoppers through direct mail. Unless you have e-mail addresses that have opted-in to receive your emails, direct mail will be more effective than email as it will reach your entire customer list.

Tips for launching a successful direct mail campaign this time of year include:

  • Customize the mailing to showcase your company, its products and services, and offers.
  • Plan ahead, and make sure your mailing is timely sent out. (Keep in mind, delivery times and production times will stretch out a bit due to the nature of busy holidays.)
  • Consider sending multiple mailings to the same recipients since repetition is crucial to the success of direct marketing.

Take advantage of our customized Knoxville printing services and send out brochures or flyers that mention upcoming holiday sales. You can even create custom stationery that is professionally printed, and coordinate it with other cards, brochures, etc., and project whatever holiday message you want to convey while still advertising the company.

Custom gifts from businesses for holidaysLocal Gift Ideas for your Neighborhood

Another easy way to market your business during the holidays is to look for opportunities to expand your brand’s influence through carefully places marketing materials. Examples of this strategy include printing holiday coupons on the backs of business cards and then strategically leave those cards in those local hot spots where your target customers are sure to find them and creating door hangers and dole out throughout specific neighborhoods.

You can also print calendars with your company information on them, and include whatever daily, weekly, or monthly offers you will be offering on those dates in the calendar to encourage direct sales. We love this idea because it will give your customers something with your company’s logo they will use throughout the upcoming year. If you want to branch beyond your customer base, have employees go to public places and pass them out.

Christmas ornaments from Knoxville printing companyCater to the Gift Buying Needs of Your Customers

Remember, your customers have loved ones they are shopping for this season as well and you can take advantage of this by tailoring your marketing campaign to fit their needs. For example, if you own a restaurant or retail store, you can sell customized gift certificates, gift cards, and e-certificates to provide your customers and their network with a convenient way to shop, even well past the holidays.

When it comes to finding ways to advertise your business this holiday season, your options are truly limitless, all it takes is a bit of creativity. This is why we encourage you to check out all the amazing gift and holiday ideas offered by our Knoxville printing services for even more incredible ways to market your business this holiday season!

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